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This is the homepage of the freightterminal and warehouse workers branchcouncil (Bransjerådet for spedisjon)
in the Norwegian Transport Workers Union (Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund).

The branchcouncil is the Unions representatives in negotiations concerning the collective agreements in the industry (Speditørtariffen m. fl.).

In 2010 the Union went on strike for three weeks fighting for better conditions for temporary employees and regulations defining the jobs covered by the collective agreement.
Most of the freightterminals were more or less closed from tuesday 25th of may 2010.
Most of the terminals in the Capitol, Oslo, and suburbs were closed on saturday 15th May.

The 4. june the Union and the employers reached an agreement and the strike was ended.
This is a major victory for the union, as most of our demands have been met.

The industry has over the last years seen a major increase in the use of temporary workers, some of wich have been grossly underpayed.
This situasion must be delt with and the branchcouncil has taken up the fight to confirm the right to permanent employment and fair conditions.

Another problem in the industry is the pressure on the lorry drivers to use their legislated restperiond loading and offloading their vehicles.
To curb this problem that affects both jobbsecurity in terminals and traffic safety, one of the central demands is a clear definition of the work entitled
to the terminalworkers and not drivers or officeworkers.

The organisation of the employers LTL (Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association) have demanded a lessening
of the regulations concerning workinghours and have completely rejected any adjustmens of the collective agreement to rectify the problems statet above.

For further information please contact the chairman of the branchcouncil Dag Tønder at dag(at-sign)spedisjonsarbeider.no

Yours truly.

The freightterminal and warehouse workers branchcouncil.

Webeditor Petter